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Mark Wiens Age, Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Illness, Net Worth

Mark Wiens age 36 (born in 1986) is a YouTube celebrity with a tremendous online following. When we say a tremendous following, we mean one that has earned him a title as one of the world’s most renowned food bloggers. He is best known for detailed videos that document him feasting on different cuisines from around the world.

Why is mark wiens so skinny? Many of his subscribers are worried about his illness and some believed he is suffering from Hyperthyroidism but there is no evidence about it.

Currently, he has over 7 million subscribers which he has earned as a result of his authenticity, creativity and consistency. He has an estimated net worth of $.4.7 million.

The 36-year-old Mark also ensures that each one of his videos is distinctively unique by featuring a different meal or chef in each upload.

Mark Wiens is not only popular on YouTube but also on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where he posts food-related content.

Additionally, he is an author and has written a number of food-related books.

Early Life, Family, and Married Life

Wiens was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1986 to an American dad and a Chinese mother, hence his mixed ethnicity. His parents were missionaries, which meant that he had to move around with his parents when he was a child.

He was about five years old when they moved to Alberta Ville in France.

Afterwards, they had to move to the democratic republic of congo where Mark was homeschooled for about three and half years.

War broke out in DRC and they all had to flee to Nairobi, Kenya where he attended Rosslyn Academy and completed his high school studies.

Upon completion, he went back to Arizona and started classes at Glendale Community College for a year before he joined Arizona State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in global studies.

While in the university he saved money for travelling and decided to showcase his adventures to the world.

Mark has a family of his own.

Mark Wiens Weeding

He’s married to Ying Wiens and they intend to spend the rest of their lives together.

The two met in Bangkok when Ying was an English teacher and their first meeting automatically turned into a wonderful affair that ended up in marriage and a beautiful family.

Their wedding was quite interesting instead of having the amazing giant wedding cakes that everyone else has they chose a giant durian.

Mark always mentions that getting married to Ying is one of the best things he’s ever done in his life and the love between them has been fiery just like the first time they met.

The couples have a son named Micah and they love him very much.

He always travels with his family to a new destination whenever he needs to shoot a video for his channel.

Does Mark Own a restaurant in Thailand? Yes, he owns a restaurant in Thailand and the name is Phed Mark.

Mark Wiens life in DRC

Mark Wiens is famous for two things – a travel vlog and his food blog. Because he travels a lot to dine in different countries, he figured that he might as well show his subscribers the places he stays in when he travels.

Mark has always been fascinated with trying out new foods ever since he was a little kid.

When they had to relocate to the democratic republic of Congo he tried to find something he could do so that he could easily blend into the new environment.

He loves going out into the jungle to try out new things insects, berries and wild fruits.

He even made a new friend who he would go on gathering adventures with which was a little exciting for him.

One of his favourite activities while living in DRC was slingshot hunting for random birds which he did with all of his new friends.

After they shot a bird they would set up a fire to roast and eat the birds.

Mark Wiens Career Path


Remember they also moved to Kenya where he joined an international school.

It was during this time that he explored more opportunities to try out foods from different parts of the world in the process Mark Wiens’s enthusiasm for exotic food grew further.

He made new friends with whom he would go out to eat whenever he had the chance.

After Mark travelled across Southeast Asia for a couple of months like Carlos Volpe he ran out of cash so he had to fly back to Bangkok and figure out how to make more money to finance his adventures.

His only option was to become an English teacher because it was the only readily available job at the time and all he had was his university degree along with a TEFL certificate which was the perfect match for the job.

Despite his extroverted nature and great interactions with students he didn’t really like teaching English as much and found him compromising too much.

Mark was completely unhappy about the job but he still needed to survive so decided to keep teaching and figure out a different career path that would supplement his job.

He decided to start a food blog with his friend Dwight Tuner as they share the same enthusiasm about food and they spent a lot of time together trying different dishes in Thailand.

In time they realized they had so many photos which would be enough to publish several articles.

The good thing was Thailand has a low cost of living which was an absolute advantage to Mark considering that he was living on a tight budget at the time.

His transition into vlogging

His first blog was so successful and he was able to interact with so many other food enthusiasts in the process.

As time went by, he decided to set up another blog, which he called Migrationology, which is all about food and travel.

After 3 years of blogging, he made his first ebook which was an absolute breakthrough for his financial life.

Now that he had something to sell on the blog he was able to make a significant amount of money to maintain his upkeep and finances for his adventures.

With time Mark had more responsibilities and life demands and had to look for another way to make more money.

Because of this, he started to vlog in 2012 all he wanted is to show people how he interacts with food and show his subscribers the emotions involved in dining over a great meal.

He started by making simplistic street food videos.

Even if he didn’t know what he was doing he was able to interact with many people and draw many food enthusiasts to the street food culture.

Even though Mark Wiens was clueless about vlogging he was persistent and consistent at the same time.

Eventually, he was able to get his way around the YouTube platform and seamlessly combine his love for food and travel as he fully acquainted himself with vlogging.

Is he really vegan?

Mark Wiens has written an e-book about vegan and vegetarian recipes, which is very popular across the world. Because of this book, many people have held the idea that he is vegan, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

The process of trying out all the best dishes that the world has to offer ensures that he is eating healthy in the process.

At the same time, he has played a significant role in showcasing how wonderful veganism can be and has given so many people the inspiration to make delicious vegan recipes but he hasn’t felt the need to try out veganism.

Also, mark has mentioned several times that he loves eating meat because he thinks it tastes so good.

That being said I don’t think he is vegan.

How much money does mark wiens make on YouTube? (Net Worth)

Mark Wiens is currently worth a whopping $4.7 million as he earns approximately $2000 a day from his YouTube channel.

While a good chunk of his cash comes from his entertaining food-related content on YouTube, he also makes a significant amount of cash from selling products such as T-shirts and e-books, on his websites.

Sometimes he posts affiliate links and sponsorship which earns him extra cash.

Does mark wiens wife speak English?

Yes, she can speak English very well as she was working as an English teacher before meeting with Mark.

How old is mark wiens?

As he was born in 1986 his age is 36 years old.





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