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Mavrik Joos Age, Wikipedia, Birthday, Net Worth, Girlfriend

I want to live in a truck at least for a year said Mav in 2020 and it seems like he has been sticking to his idea so far. Two months ago, he posted a video of 160 days on the road (he was driving from Minnesota to Cabo) and it is safe to say that Mavrik joos can’t live without adventures, driving, camping and cooking outdoors.

Mavrik Joos is currently 25 years old as of 2021 born in Wayzata, Minnesota to parents Sherryl Osborne Joos and Greg Joos. Before he became popular on YouTube Mav was a student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. As of 2022, Mav has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million.

If you check on his videos, you will definitely see that the guy is into camping, fishing and cooking outdoors. He lives in his truck for almost a year now and recently he uploaded a video, claiming that he saved over $400000 living out of his truck.

Let’s dive deep into Mav’s personal life, his adventurous journey and how much money he made from his YouTube channel.

What does Mavrik Joos do for a living?

Mav is also known as Mavrik Joos by his real name is a guy who is popular on YouTube for travelling around the country, living in his truck and fishing his way across the States. His content is really cool and unique because there aren’t so many YouTubers who live a lifestyle like him.

During his YouTube career showing his lifestyle to people, he was sleeping in his cot but not inside of his truck. He knew he had to do something about it, but he still wasn’t sure.  So, he kept on living like this but after he met his former girlfriend Hannah Lee Duggan, who is also a YouTuber from Minnesota, he decided to live in a truck.

Mavrik also said in one of his videos that Hannah became his biggest inspiration for moving into a truck! They met on Tinder and started dating for a couple of years but sadly, they broke up last year.

Mav always shares the cosy bedroom that he has built inside of his vehicle and it is really interesting to watch him cooking outdoors. He has cooked many tasty dishes so far from Gourmet A5 Udon to grilled Mac and cheese sandwiches.

There is no doubt that Mav can’t live without his truck, travelling and catching fish. His favourite trip was the first trip to Montana (Craig town), and according to Mav, it was a really cool experience as there are not more than 50 people living there.

Moreover, this town is considered a fly fishing town and he was lucky enough to go fly fishing on the Madison River.

Net Worth and Income

As for the money, Mavrik Joos makes a decent income every month promoting affiliate products from Amazon like his filming kits and other stuff like portable solar Mattress, AGM Marine battery etc.

According to different sources, it can be said that Mav’s estimated net worth is about $1.6 million but the numbers can be inaccurate. The channel has currently 1.5 million subscribers and has accumulated over 160 million views so far by posting 264 videos.

One internet source claims that the average earning per Mav’s video is around $690 to $1972 but again this is not official information.

Mavrik Joos Donating ice fishing Gear to Anglers

During his short fishing trip, he decided to donate ice fishing gear to anglers who lost theirs. In February Mavrik had been out ice fishing on the big lake before the ice broke off and stranded 26 others. When he heard about the situation, he went back down to see anglers were fine and figured out that some of them lost a lot of gear.

Mav reacted really fast and surprised the anglers with his kindness. He also dropped off a gift card to the Duluth fire department, who did a majority of the rescuing that day.

Who is Mavrik Joos’s girlfriend?

After breaking up with YouTuber Hannah Lee Mav isn’t dating anyone.

Who is Murray from Mav’s YouTube channel?

Murray Hebert from channel Fishn more is a friend with Mavrik and they have made several videos together on the fishing genre.


From salmon egg benedict catch and cook on the ice to overnight camping in an abandoned city, you will definitely enjoy every minute of Mavrik Joos unique and wild content.




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