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Volpe Where are you Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Carlos Volpe, creator of the YouTube Channel “Volpe Where Are You,” is one of these lucky people who share their adventures with the world. Videos online have seemed to take the place of many television shows and movies. Most of the more popular YouTube videos these days revolve around the lives of others who seem to have access to experiences many of us do not.

Who is Volpe Where are you?

Carlos Volpe (Real Name) is a Venezuelan-American YouTuber who spends a lot of his time vlogging while travelling the world and taking on new adventures, often with his wife, Sophie.

Carlos’s YouTube channel is called Volpe Where are You and has, to date, 676,000 subscribers and more than 58 million views on videos he has been filming since 2017.

Volpes Personal Life

Carlos was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he lived until he was five years old. Sadly his mother and father decided it was time to throw in the towel and get a divorce.

This is when Carlos and his mother made the big move to the United States and settled into their new home in Miami, Florida. It was here where this YouTube sensation began his life as a businessman, slowly rising to the top, on his own, from a very young age.

When Volpes was still young, he would purchase wholesale boxes of chocolate and then sell them to his classmates at school. This helped him learn to work and save in early life.

Once old enough, Carlos started working as a waiter to save money and fulfil his dream of travelling the world.

Before his expeditions started, he met a beautiful travel agent from Normandy, France, on Tinder, and the two didn’t waste any time falling in love and getting married.

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Volpes Adventures and YouTube Career

With the money Carlos saved from his job waiting tables and savings contributed by his new wife, the Volpes’s started out on their tour of the world, capturing most of their journey on film, vlogging these adventures, and sharing them with the world.

His travels started in Jamaica and continued around the Carabians, and next, flying to Ukraine and exploring Eastern Europe.

The couple has managed to visit many places all around the world, adding Indonesia, Asia, and Russia to the list.

Many of his videos contain football (or soccer in America) games because Carlos is a big fan of the sport and often catches games when he is visiting specific areas.

When they are not attending local soccer games, Carlos and Sophie vlog their experience with all the different cultures and people—exploring earth’s unique features and historic places and seeing new sites for the first time.

How Does He Do It?

Carlos Volpes isn’t shy about discussing how he and his wife have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs and spend the majority of their time travelling, site seeing, and living the dream.

The YouTube star often talks about his success with miles and points and how much money he saves simply by earning aeroplane miles. This is when you utilize credit cards that offer points for miles travelled, and with the places these two have seen, it’s no wonder they can turn this into a career.

The more they travel, the more points they earn, the more they use their credit cards, the cheaper their flights. Carlos also often talks about locating some of the more affordable hotels in the area, renting cars, and selling all of his things so he can travel lightly, only going back home for the holidays and other special occasions.

Dale Phillips is another well-known Youtuber who enjoys vlogging his amazing trips worldwide. He started his YouTube Channel back in 2007 and has over 80 million views and nearly 80,000 subscribers as of 2022, making him more seasoned in this genre than Carlos, but only aids in Volpes’ success, never flaunting his own.

Dale Phillips and Carlos Volpe often comment on each other’s posts and will shout each other out on videos, showing two people in the same forums can get along and support one another.

What is “Volpe Where Are You” Net Worth?

While the Volpe couple has frequently informed the public they enjoy life with little money and try to find the cheapest ways to travel, the YouTube channel “Volpe Where Are You” currently has a net worth of $487,000. The channel earns Carlos about $300 a day, thanks to YouTube advertisements, providing plenty of income to continue his goals to see everything the world has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Carlos and Sophie Volpe are proof that anyone can follow their dreams and live their life to the fullest no matter where you come from or who you are. With a little perseverance and a lot of hard work, you can travel the world.

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